Migracode begins

Last week, we started the Erasmus+ KA2 Migracode project. It will be a two-year initiative in which we will participate with other entities from 4 partner countries.

The objective of this project is twofold:

1. On the one hand, we pursue learning from each other partners how to create coding schools for vulnerable people. To this end, we will participate in various meetings in the partner countries of the project.

2. On the other hand, two partners (our Swedish colleagues and us) will work on creating two simple prototypes of programming schools for vulnerable people in our countries.

Visiting Föreningen Framtidståget

During this first meeting in Sweden, we got to know  Föreningen Framtidståget up close.

It is an initiative that aims to create new opportunities for migrants. They do this through various actions:

1. A few years ago, they opened a barbershop where people from the surrounding area could go to get their hair cut. The people who come to the organization learn this job while creating new networks with the neighbourhood.

2. They have just started a video editing lab. Thanks to Adam, people learn how to edit videos to create audiovisual material.

3. Thanks to Samir’s work, people can also learn about electronics and how to repair cell phones while they create a community in the entity and in the environment where it is located.

Discovering the partners

During this first kick-off, we learned more about Fonix. It is a Norwegian entity that develops projects for vulnerable people in their country. Thanks to Migracode we will know their IPS model to help improve employability with great results since 2018.

Also, we discover a little more about Social Hackers Academy. It is an NGO from Greece that has been developing programming schools for four years. More than 166 students have already passed through this coding school.

We also discovered our partners from Cyprus, the NGO Cyprus Computer Society. They focus on developing a lot of meetings and events like Coding our Future in the educational sector.

We got to know a little bit more about Mode Foundation in Poland. They work on education and develop a lot of European programs.

Next steps

Thanks to our Swedish partners’ kindness, we walked through the city of Stockholm. We enjoyed ourselves in good company among lakes, nature and beautiful views.

We will see each other again in Greece. The goal of this new meeting will be to learn more about Social Hackers Academy in November.

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