A youth exchange to awake your curiosity on technology

6th to 14th March, Anceu, Ponte Caldelas, Spain

About the project

Curiositech is an international Erasmus+ Youth Exchange based on technology as a bet for the future. This experience stimulates young people to learn tech skills and help them to get professional opportunities.

It is organized by Ticket2Europe and it will take place in Anceu, Ponte Caldelas (Spain) during the period of 6-14 March 2023.

Curiositech is formed as an alliance of agents who believe in the power of technology to create networks with impact. Networks where young people can actively participate to transform the way they integrate into the labor market.


Youngsters face a world in complete digital transformation accelerated by the health crisis of COVID-19 .

This swift is an advantage in most aspects of life, but it can generate social exclusion if we do not have the appropriate tools to address it.

The most vulnerable groups within the youth (migrants, refugees, people without education, etc.) are especially affected by this situation.

They have much more limited access to technology, its platforms, and opportunities. Our project seeks to directly involve these people in order to transform this trend.

Objetive 1: technology thinker

Encourage in the participants the curiosity towards the digital sector by providing basic tools specially focused on WordPress technology.

Objective 2: Engaged thinker

Learn skills to help the participants to develop their entrepreneurial spirit working aspects like life-long learning, self direction, personal management, collaboration, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving and innovation.

Objective 3: Ethical thinker

Work on self awareness related to social responsibility, sustainability, active citizenship, rural depopulation and cultural protection trough arts, creativity and technology.

These are our partners


The project will include 32 participants from 5 countries aged between 18-30

*except group leaders for whom there is no age limit











Participant profile

We are looking for people who have limited access to technology, its networks, and opportunities. The selection criteria will prioritize vulnerable individuals, including women and those without employment, in order to address specific needs and promote equity.

Also, people who are deeply interested in triggering social change in their communities through the power of technology regarding the inclusion of migrants, refugees, and vulnerable groups.
Motivation and willingness to implement future activities with the sending organization will be the key factors for selection.

Participants are expected to have a good level of English and be willing and committed to actively participate in all sessions (about 8 hours per day).

Besides, participants should commit to keeping to the deadlines, carry out the preparatory tasks asked for by the organizers and be willing to follow up on the youth exchange, ideally in co‐operation with their sending organization.

We would like to carry out a youth exchange in which Group Leaders will be actively involved in the design and implementation. Group leaders will be chosen according to their previous experience in international activities and/or involvement with their sending organizations.

The flow

The method will be based on non-formal education and experiential learning. It includes creative sessions, debates, and inter-cultural learning processes that will encourage young people to become active citizens and to share their knowledge multiplying their learning in their local communities.

The Youth Exchange will be composed of the following blocks:

Step 1

Introduction to the Erasmus+.
Learn about how to foster a sense of belonging to the European Union, how to promote an active participation and how to acquire understanding of other realities in favor of cultural diversity.

Step 2

Into the topic.
Topics such as diversity in Europe, the labor market, the current situation of youth, and the consequences of COVID-19 will be discussed. Special emphasis will be put on the dialogue about digital transformation, how it is being and how it should be.

Step 3

Co-creating Social Change.
We will develop a Do Action Hackaton event to create Websites for local associations. To do this, technical skills related to WordPress will be learned. Also, co-creation sessions will be developed with the entities involved to meet their needs.

Step 4

Local impact trough arts.
We will work with the local community to learn more about sustainability, rural world and cultural protection. After , we will create a mural in one of the central buildings of the village of Anceu in collaboration with the citizens of the village and artists of the region.

Step 5

Project dissemination
All participants have a commitment with the sending organizations to implement an activity related to the knowledge acquired once they return to their communities. The idea is to hold an event where the local community will benefit from learning related to digital skills.

The Venue

Curiositech will be implemented in Anceu Coliving Space, in Pontevedra, one of the 4 provinces of the Autonomous Region of Galicia, in northwestern Spain.

How to arrive at Anceu Coliving

Step One. Galicia

Peinador airport (Vigo) or Lavacolla airport (Santiago de Compostela) is not big, you might struggle to find good deals for direct international flights.

The best option will be Madrid or Barcelona, and then catch a national flight to Santiago or Vigo (the price for a return ticket goes usually from 30 to 80 euros).

Another option is Porto airport (Francisco Sá Carneiro) only 170 km away.

Step Two. Pontevedra

Once you arrive in Vigo or Santiago, you have to get to Pontevedra city by bus with Monbus or train with Renfe.

From Porto, you can arrive in Pontevedra with FLIXBUS, AUTNA, or ALSA.

AUTNA covers the route Porto Airport – Vigo several times a day and from Vigo. From there Monbus runs to Pontevedra every 30 minutes.

Step Three. Ponte Caldelas

Once in Pontevedra, you will have to take a bus to Ponte Caldelas village at Pontevedra bus station. When you arrive at Ponte Caldelas, there will be 4 meeting points at the following times:

10.00 am

14.00 am

7.00 pm

10.00 pm

*Disclaimer. We are entitled to reimburse just public transportation. But you also have the choice to share a taxi from Ponte Caldelas to Anceu for 10 euros

Reimbursement policy

During the project , accommodation, food and all other project-related expenses will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme. When buying tickets, bear in mind that there is a fixed maximum amount reimbursable for your individual trip costs. The sum, set by the European distance calculator, covers the travel costs from your home city to the venue and back. Travel costs exceeding the maximum reimbursable amount will not be covered.

Reimbursement of travel costs will be made via bank transfer to the sending organization upon presentation of all original tickets (including return tickets), receipts, invoices and/or boarding passes and AFTER receiving proof of dissemination activities carried out maximum 2 months after the youth exchange.

Here you have the main conditions for the reimbursement:

Economy class

Arrange all your travel in advance based on economy class tickets and plan the cheapest route possible.

Public transport

We can only reimburse public transportation (bus, train, metro, plane)

Before buying

Contact your sending
coordinator or the hosting team BEFORE booking tickets.

Days of traveling

You can travel max 1 day before and 1 day after the official start and end of the project. During that extra time, food or accommodation is NOT provided.

Maximum Amount for Travel Costs












Participation fee

There will be a 25€ participation fee to be brought in cash at the
beginning of the project. The money will be spent on the benefit
of the activity to provide materials, activities and fun times.


It is mandatory to have a valid travel and medical insurance (i.e.
European Health Insurance Card) during your travel. The host
organisation will not cover any personal health costs.

Cultural night

We will discover one another’s cultures and national delicacies. The format is still to be decided, but it will involve traditional snacks or drinks from your country, as well as songs, dances and stories to share.

The weather

Generally, we can expect an
average temperature of 16 Cº for March. During the day we could
get as warm as 20 Cº, but evenings will be definitely fresh with 12 Cº.

Your NGO details

You will need to share a brief presentation of your organization and your country/culture. It can be as creative as you like in order to inspire the others.

Personal items

Comfortable/sporty clothes.
Special personal items (towel, flip flops, medicine…). We advise you to grab some warm clothes and to have a raincoat always with you.

Ready to join?

Fill in the application form and send it to your sending coordinator. If you have been selected, create your travel plan, send it to us and wait for confirmation before buying tickets. Once you have tickets, send all travel confirmations to . After selection, we will invite you to join the project’s official Slack group.

This is possible because of our alliances.

This project is made up of an alliance of agents who deeply believe in the power of technology to create impact networks. Networks where young people can participate actively to transform the way they integrate into the labor market.

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